They are Precision Manufactured.

Precision Coating Rods are your best choice for quality, accurate coating. Contact Us

We make them BETTER.

We use the highest quality steel and wire to wind each rod, by hand, on our precision high-speed winding machines.

We deliver them FASTER.

We ship most orders within two working days. Same day shipping also available.


We manufacture two and three wire configurations; to your specifications.


We offer MORE SIZES.

Offering more than 100 wire diameters from .0025 to .150 and Core Rod Sizes from .1250 to 2.250

We provide quotes QUICK.

Order by our Email or “Fax-It” form, which provides for a quick price quotation. With a response as soon as 24 hours!


Anywhere you are, we are here to serve you. With our quick shipping worldwide!

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They are precision manufactured.

Precision Coating Rods are your best choice for quality, accurate coating.

They are accurate.

With time – honored technology, today’s high quality materials, multi-wire designs and special wire surfaces have made wire-wound rods more popular than ever before.

They are easy to use.

Precision Coating Rods allow you to fine-tune coating thickness quickly and easily, without altering the chemistry of their coating material, and without time-consuming and expensive changeovers.

They are inexpensive.

Wire-wound rods provide predictable, accurate coatings time after time, at a minimal cost.

About Us

Precsion Coating Rods is the recognized leader in our industry. We custom-make more sizes of rods than any other company. Our strive as a company is to provide outstanding customer service. With that, we ship to our customers worldwide.
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Custom Made Rod Holders

Most metering rods must be supportive to ensure straight line contact with the web. Precision Coating Rods produces custom-designed rod holders for customers throughout the world. Check out our customizable options and let’s work together!
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